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Newnham Garden Club article for May ‘20

Newnham Garden Club

We are in uncertain times but it is giving us time to unwind and reflect. It is a time to slow down and discover or rediscover things we had forgotten about or not had time to think about. For those who have gardens there is more time to relax and delight in the plants coming up and new flowers appearing every day.  It is a wonder, as the daffodils and tulips finish new flowers appear, everyday new life is arriving.  In the garden you can forget everything and just enjoy the wonder.  I am lucky and can go for walks in the forest everyday and see the landscape changing as the trees evolve and the bird song is a delight.  I hope you are all able to enjoy your walks either forest walks or walks by the river.

As we cannot have meetings I have been keeping in touch via email.  It should have been our AGM in April and we would have remembered the speakers we had had and the gardens we had visited.  In one of my emails I spoke about a couple of really good speakers we had last year.  I also attached some pictures of some of the gardens we visited.  This prompted me to ask for pictures of member’s gardens to be sent to me so that I could share them with others.  We have been going on virtual visits to different gardens which has been lovely.  The pictures have been put onto our website for everyone to see.  

Please visit at and I am sure you will enjoy the visits as we have.

I would like to wish everyone well and keep safe.

When we get back to normal we welcome anyone to our meetings which take place in the Armoury Hall on the third Monday of each month.  

More information can be obtained from Jenny Turner on 01594 516165 or visit our website

Jenny Turner Secretary

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